Finish the Book

This week has been a long one—one that has constantly seemed to get away from me. Good news is that it has finally come to an end.

Further good news: I also just received some records in the mail! These are actually my very first records. I grew up as part of the “Compact Disc” generation, which is such a better label than Millennial, if you ask me. I was just gifted my very first record player, this past Christmas. As the consensus is that, outside of a live show, there is truly no better way to listen to music, it seems like listening to my favorite music on vinyl will be a nice fuel to my love of music and also (hopefully) fuel to my work flow.

But this particular post is meant to be about writing progress (or lack thereof). Maybe we can talk record collection next time.

Unfortunately, this has been a slow week for productivity all around, including work on my first novel. In fact and most annoyingly, I began to flesh out an idea for a third novel, and I just could not shut my mind off about it, until I had allowed myself a solid two hours to contemplate the plot, jot down some notes on a writing app, and squabble with myself over appropriate character names.

Alas, sometimes you just need to get the ideas out on paper, sweep the floor, or adjust that picture askew on the wall, in order to finally break past that mental block and resume your intended progress.

So, tonight I am finally reopening my NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) novel for the first time since December. Talk about terrifying!

For those of you who have never taken part in NaNoWriMo, there is a corresponding Facebook group that participants may also choose to join. It’s an incredible community of fellow writers whose activity, advice, and general sense of “we’re all in this together”-ness extends well beyond the month of November. However, it can also be an overwhelming experience to be part of. Daily, I see the updates from fellow WriMos editing their hearts out and even submitting query letters to publishers.

Their progress certainly makes me feel lacking. But, then again, it also lights a fire inside of me to see all of this productivity. I want to be editing my novel. I want to be editing my novel a second time. And a third. And a fourth. I want to engage “beta readers” in reading my work and offering their own feedback. Then I want to edit my novel again, with said feedback in mind. I want to type up query letters for publishers. I want so badly to do all of that, but I’ve first got to finish this darn book.

So, with the weekend stretching ahead of me, I plan to put fingertips to keyboard and actively work toward finishing this novel. I am far behind where I had wanted to be, nearing the end of February 2019, but here we are.

I’m counting on this blog and all of you to keep my honest and to keep me WRITING. A humble thanks for your readership thus far!


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