Into the Great Wide Open…

So, I’m sure the interwebs is currently saturated with new blogs aplenty, due in part to this “New Year, New Me” stuff. Without further ado, allow me to add my own shiny new blog to that bandwagon.

Hi, I’m Aly Walden. I’m a burgeoning writer, cat parent, coffee lover, and feminist. I love putting pen to paper (or—more often, although not quite so poetic—putting fingertips to keyboard.) When I’m not writing, I’m probably working the daily grind, procrastinating writing, or thinking about writing.

I also salivate with the pour of a promising dark roast, sway to all types of soulful music, and relish an engrossing podcast story—especially that in the true crime genre.

Before I was a writer myself, I was an avid reader. From an early age, I found no greater pleasure than losing myself among the tall shelves in a musty old used bookstore. Just as the books I read (and still do read) were so diverse in topic, my written interests also vary widely. I like to dabble and experiment. Still, I consider at the heart of my writing is the idea of being human—in particular, love, romance, friendship, family ties, the feeling of “home”.

If you’ve stuck around reading this first, self-absorbed blog post long enough to make it here, I hope that you may continue to stick around and that you may relate to the stories and introspections soon to follow.

At the outset, I see this as a place to share my experiences, stories, writing, and life and love advice (no matter how bad that advice may be). I see this as an empowering place to challenge myself as a writer, but also as a sort of cathartic outlet as well.

I genuinely cannot wait to get into the thick of it!

Please support my blog by reading, enjoying, ‘liking’, commenting, and sharing with your friends and other loved ones. I also appreciate thoughtful feedback and suggestions for future blog post topics.


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